Mipp was the largely unknown brother of Lena & Gerrit, thus part of the Whyke family and technically a resident of Melford, though he does not live in the village due to his siblings shame at his disfigurement and lack of mental capabilities.

He was a skilled Necromancer.


Before meeting the playersEdit

It is not known by the players when he or the rest of his family settled in Melford, nor when he was shunned to Lena's Farmhouse on the outskirts.

Encounters with the playersEdit

The players encountered him after Lena had fled to her safe house when it was discovered by the players along with his "experiments", in the form of zombies. The players chose to end his life and his body was taken back to be buried in Melford by Marieka Gett after arresting Lena. As of this time, the rest of Melford is unaware of the man's connection to Lena or Gerrit.

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